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Love Takes Root Book 2

Love Takes Root Book 2
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Finding Love After Pain

Bad, failed relationships.  Three words that define a lot of us.  However, there is always a way to push through.  I'm writing at the moment about a gal who left an abusive relationship and found love again but her healing process was intense and as I kept writing and her character evolved I realized it takes time to come out of the other side relatively pain free.  And I say "relatively" because the baggage we sometimes take into a new relationship can certainly rear its ugly head again even when we are blissfully happy with a new found love.

Sometimes the confidence to start anew is at an all time low that just finding a little bit of courage to persevere will get you through.  Bad, failed relationships do not have to define who you are.  Find the positive, trust in yourself and please do love again.


Chantal xo

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