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Love Takes Root Book 2

Love Takes Root Book 2
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Thursday, September 29, 2016

For the Love of Writing

Finding the perfect spot to write is an easy task.   My favourite writing spots are by far the cute cozy coffee shops tucked away along a quaint European street.  People watching is a wonderful sport for me and gives me ideas for characters for my books.  While I sip my latte I see an old man lovingly holding the hand of his wife as they hobble along together not seeming to speak much to each other except for the sweet hand hold and silent understanding between them.  I suppose that's what many years married can become.

Lisa and Peter from the first books in my Billionaire Endearment Series embody the beautiful relationship of tenderness and loving silence.  Peter loved to watch Lisa, noticing the small details about her that told him how she was feeling.  And in return Lisa marvelled at Peter wanting so much to touch his soul and give him experiences he had missed for lack of being a man of normal status, a man of an "unnormal life.  Marriage should be blissful for those two.  Sometimes a certain high status can injure a man's soul don't you think? Sometimes a man needs rescuing. Let me know your thoughts.  

Thanks! Much love xo Chantal.

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